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A postscript.

On Sunday, yesterday, I joined Davis at his place around noon to watch the ball game. Jay showed up not long after, unannounced -- Bonnie is out if town so it was just assumed between the two of them that they'd hang. The three of us groaned and cheered for the ball players, and our team narrowly won.

Afterwards, I suggested that we go out for burgers and drinks. Davis and I contrived a reason for me to stop back at my house first so that I could grab a present we'd been meaning to give Jay (his birthday was a few weeks ago but I kept forgetting the gift at home). In the car, as the three of us joked around, Davis called Jay weird-looking. "Don't say he's weird-looking, that's mean," I said. "He's striking." "Pssh," said Davis, "I mean, people do want to strike him on a regular basis..." Just totally silly, warm, familiar banter all around. I love three-person dynamics when it's all right, I really do.

At the bar we gave him the present, a book, he liked it. We talked about the impending Thanksgiving holiday -- my parents are joining us at Davis's parents' home this year for the first time. Jay had no particular plans. We invited him to join us, but he declined. I hope he hangs out with someone at least, I hate to think of him being alone (Bonnie won't be back until the weekend).
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