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well - Ceoli, that is exactly what I am struggling with.

The hard work and agony is the extra work I will have to do to work thru confronting jealousy, etc. Not a result of abuse or anything like that.

This thing is, that everyone on this forum says that poly is hard work, there is alot of pain in working thru jealousy, things you will have to face that you didn't even know existed, blah blah blah.

So - then everyone has the same niggling x in their "good relationship" as I do.

If it is how you say, why even go thru with it then?

and - i think i kind've answered that part of my question. All relationships are work, regardless of their form... its just a matter of if I am willing to do the work. I would not be changing anything fundamental in myself.

OK - So, the question I really have now is related to the following:
Originally Posted by redsirenn View Post

It seems like I might be doing this because I like the relationship... not necessarily because polyamory is something I NEED.

Is that ethical to myself?
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