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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
That was me you quoted, from this thread

"I wonder what limits he imposed on you. OPP?"

In response to Rory saying:

She didn't answer my question yet. I guess she is implying these are mutually agreed limits to which she gave full agreement, was not coerced. Not sure.
I think that pretty much sums it up right there.
She said (I believe) that her and her husband had negotiated and agreed to limits. You asked if he "IMPOSED limits on her" She didn't suggest that limits were imposed, and when she gently said that OPP could be considered more or less to be what their agreement was, you didn't feel you'd really been answered.

To me, it feels like you'd like her to admit that YES, her husband has insisted on a OPP, and that you find it hard to believe that she would be happy with the agreement, because so many women aren't (and some ARE coerced into it of course). Anyway, I see how it would be hard not to get defensive or find the term negative when they get asked if "Is your husband imposing that agreement on you?" instead of being asked "And are you OK with that agreement?"
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