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Dinged, it's nice to hear from a man about the common lack of libido in pregnant women and how guys deal.

I was that way as well, and also when the kids were small and oh so active. It was so exhausting (3 kids in 5 years) all I wanted at the end of the day was sleep. I felt a lot of guilt about it. Even when we tried to have sex, we were often interrupted by a little one somehow sensing it and waking up. Once I even went and got the baby, laid on my side, latched Baby onto the boob, and let my h take me from behind and just get it over with. Yay for 3ways! *rolleyes*

My ex confessed years after the fact that he went to a strip club a couple times on the way home from work, just to see a live sexual woman for a change. I was fine to find that out.

However, he never helped me with housework or cooking. If he would have done more of that, I might've had more energy for sex... but no, he was old fashioned and just wouldn't help.
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