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The terms Opp, Ovp, unicorn seemed to be used to describe situations. This seems very similar to the primary/ secondary word battle. For me I have no emotional attachment to any of them. I think the "One-policy" situation has an element of unfairness built in and that unfairness is generating the negative or condescending image ... and thus the term ...and for those that have such policies in place are reminded of it and have emotional reaction to the situation or being judged by others for the situation which is probably worse.

As for unicorn's I sort of gather that because of the structure of that relationship dynamic, the demands, needs, and all the other variables that its so, so very difficult to achieve or find it's like finding the mythic beast. People can hunt all they want for Big foot, Sasquatch, Nessy, or unicorns doesn't mean they're going to find them #1 and if they do, good for them.
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