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Originally Posted by Phy View Post
What freaked me out most: it WASN'T a problem. He seemed to like it … Maybe I am strange, but this thought seems to be more problematic to me than the 'normal' “Hey dear, I got a problem with hearing you having sex with your boyfriend.” reaction I was assuming. I can't seem to wrap my head around this case. So, aside from my personal problems with this, as I don't want one of them to 'participate' in moments when I think I am alone with the other,
Oh Phy, I can so relate to this one! I also find it a bit disturbing if my other partner likes what he/she hears I do with the other one. In my head it somehow takes away from the intimacy I thought there was and transforms my act of loving communication into porn. At the same time, I realise it's better if the partner enjoys what he/she hears than freaks out about it. If everybody enjoys the situation in different ways, how could that be wrong? But yeah, that's just rationalisation, I still can't help feeling weird about it.
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