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I go to poly events because I like to be in an environment where I am completely myself and understood in terms of my relationship dynamic. I enjoy diversity and all it brings at poly events. I love seeing who is there, who is new and learning about people who are not like me in other ways.

I create a lot of events for my city and when I do I base them around what I want to do with people. Sometimes because someone has asked for an event to occur. I have found throughout my life that I have to make what I want happen.

Our family events are not about poly talk but about creating community by being together and bringing our kids together. It creates normalcy for them and helps them build their own community. There are enough events where open discussion occurs. People monitor themselves when kids are around and take their discussion and open sexuality to other events. There is room for all kinds of events because there is all kinds of poly.

Any one want to be a calendar admin on the calendar site linked below in my sig? Mono and I are looking for more poly people who create events to join. If you host events that you want people to find out about publicly without having your name attached publicly, then please message me.
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