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I may be mistaken here, but I'm assuming that "paragraph breaks" means double spacing between paragraphs.

I remember, after my first post, getting this advice to break up my paragraphs. Unfortunately, by the time I read that reply, it was too late to edit my original post, but I've followed the advice since then.

[At times, when two consecutive paragraphs are very short and deal with very similar aspects - when I want to make a bigger separation than a simple full stop, but less than what most people would start a new paragraph for - I'll start a new paragraph but without the break. Such as in SourGirl's OP on this thread.]

If this [lack of paragraph breaks] is such an annoying issue for so many people, might we not ask the technically-minded moderators if they might consider introducing automatic double spacing between paragraphs? As SNeacail points out, this is done on other blogs. Why can't it be done here?*

Of course, that wouldn't solve the problem of people who don't hit the "enter" key at all, so that we're looking at a 30 or 40 line paragraph.
But people who do that should just be taken out and shot. (JUST JOKING!!! - Actually, I think that some of my own paragraphs head towards that length...)

* Only
There should be
An opt-out possibility
For poetry
And the quoting of song lyrics.
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