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Default poly for the relationship

Ok - another question: ( I am having lots of these right now)

Ouroboros and I are having a FABULOUS time. This has been one of the best relationships of my life so far. I have my fears, etc. but here is something rattling around in my brain... I am not even sure if this is true for me, but would be concerned if it were.

The choices: Lots of hard work and agony, and taking time away from other important things in my life to explore polyamory (see maintaining self identity thread) OR giving up something really good.

It seems like I might be doing this because I like the relationship... not necessarily because polyamory is something I NEED.

[To complicate things, I keep thinking about the other man I love, who has no idea about this situation (but we are not together... This has been a cause of suffering for me as well). ]

I wonder if doing this because I want to see where the relationship will go is ethical to myself? OR am I selling out? thoughts?
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