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Default Better than ever

Yesterday, Redepper had a nice tea with her mom....Why is this important? Because things are normalizing.

We have weathered an immense storm externally and internally over the past two months. We are now better than ever. Remove the word poly, remove the constant poly specific struggles, remove the issue of family acceptance.
We are simply us...all of us. We are just people in a relationship, members of a family, friends and lovers.

Last night Redpepper came over and I was almost concerned because there was nothing to work on. There was no dramatic issue to figure out, no question of how to make this work or even if we want it to work.

I don't have a TV or desire to spend time with her watching TV. I want to spend our time connected and actively sharing. Last night we read to each other from a book. She sat back on my couch and I sat between her legs with my back against her chest. We took turns reading and sharing a story we both have enjoyed before.

Of course there will be things in the future to work on but we are finally getting to just experience each other on a normalized, secure and peaceful plain. We get to try other things together now that all our work prevented us from doing. We get to discover and build up the fun things, the things we will do well into the future.

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