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Default and Jen gets a girlfriend...

T and I had a long heart to heart last night, and the night ending with an amazing threesome with T, F, and me. They fell asleep together and I got up with the kids (hers spent the night too, so she didnt have to have her mom watch them).

I stepped into the room while they were asleep and I couldnt help but smile, the two of them spooning made my heart happy.

This is what its suppose to be like. This is amazing!

Last night was so full of love and respect and... holy, am i having nre for this? she wants a relationship with me, so im giving it a shot, ive never had a girlfriend before.

She said she has feelings for both of us and its nice to have them returned. I hope that F can return them too. I think they are there for him, but he has been holding back for my sake. I think that is why it upset me so much, I felt like he was lying about his feelings for her, and he always says "i dont want to upset you"

T and I talked today, she is now my girlfriend.
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