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Originally Posted by gator86 View Post
I'm doing a project on polyamory for sociology. Trying to get a better understanding from actual people rather than articles. I'm not here to judge anyone for any reasons.
A couple of questions, in return:

1) Is this research for satisfying your own personal curiosity, a project in a particular class, or for publication? That makes a difference in how you present it: I'm certain many people on this site have privacy concerns, and would like to give informed consent before answering a survey the results of which are intended for publication elsewhere. If the results are intended for publication (and online/facebook/youtube coverage might count!), you should probably consult your institution's IRB regarding protocol.)

2) Is this the best board for this post? (A question for the moderators, as much as for anyone.) Unless this is intended for "media coverage" . . . regarding which, see question 1 . . .

Also, you might draw more attention to the thread under a different title: "Survey for Class Project" (e.g., if that's what it is).
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