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Default another day

Slow going, but thats ok, and its what I'm learning is the right thing.

Lots of everyday life to experience and enjoy; family, work, etc.

While there has always been a lack of time to have one on one adult conversation, we have tried to make it happen. Now we KNOW it has to happen; as often as we can find the time, or make the time. Little talks will get us through for now and allows the other time in between to process. I am still so curious about where this will take us, but at least, for today, for now, I am not as scared as I have been. I'll take that!

Sorry for the boring lack of details, I'm working towards that. Also, I'm not really playing/writing for an audience; I love the feedback I've received in other threads, but this, for now, is for me. Greedy selfish bastard that I am! LOL
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