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Ya, learning some of that already

I am way too optimistic about lots of this, which isn't like me because normally I border on the pessimistic/realistic view of life.

Not to sound like a member of congress and reserving the right to revise and extend my remarks, but maybe if I try to say it better.....

Foundation? No, that's too strong a word. Perhaps the foundation of the total strengths of our relationship is strong (with serious flaws), but that is not enough to leap into this.

Perhaps the prior conversations provide only a good foundation for all the talks we are going to have to have about all of our issues, not just where we go from here. That one I feel confident about. It is NOT a foundation for poly, its a beginning place for all the work needed to build a foundation, then move forward from there?

This is so helping me put many things in perspective, and assessing things for what they really are, and not just what I want them to be. Thank you all again!
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