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Originally Posted by MichelleZed View Post

I will agree, however, that it would be harder to snuggle with two people in bed while hugely pregnant! I am at that point where I sort of wedge myself in at night with pillows and try to tough it out until I have to get up again to go to the bathroom. Ugh.
Meko's gf is only 5 months pregnant. Some women do get hornier in their middle trimester (didn't happen to me, but I have heard this!). And they can be more comfortable than they were in the first trimester (with its nausea and fatigue), and more comfortable than in the 3rd trimester, like you, huge and uncomfortable and needing to pee every half hour. Ugh. (Is this your first pregnancy? Most first pregnancies go 41 weeks, so I hope you have a New Year's baby and not a Christmas baby!)

Meko, my heart goes out to you, living so far away from your beloved couple and the little developing baby. I'd be a bit jealous, or envious too, if I were you. Pregnancy is a wonderful, life changing time, and I'm sure you often wish you could be there to cook for her, or massage her feet, or other nice nurturing things.
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