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Originally Posted by SanguineSquirrel View Post
Thanks for the posts back so far! B's wanted some time of not-talking about everything so I've been trying my best to not think about things. So I've been trying to not read posts/forums as much.
I've found I can never really turn off my brain. At times like that, the forum is the best place I can turn because I can vent and people will talk to me, even when my husband has had is fill of talking...

Originally Posted by SanguineSquirrel View Post
In 12 years of knowing each other, we’ve pretty much always managed to be on the same page. And the couple of times we haven’t we’ve quickly come to terms and there wasn’t really much to worry/fight about. Which also kind of sucks because it means we’ve never had makeup sex.
We've never had makeup sex either. I'm the type of person to get really worked up over something, have a small freakout (getting better at not having those) and then get over it, all in the span of like 8-14 minutes. My husband is the type to mull things over for hours if not days, and not get over it until he's figured out why everything happened the way it did. So post-argument, he's still hurt and upset when I'm ready to cuddle and makeup. By the time he's over it, I've completely forgotten that we even had an argument (because it's 12-72 hours later).
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