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I am a gay male who has been with my husband for almost 10 years and have been married for 3 years legally. We have four beautiful children. Both my husband and I have a strong relationship with each other for the most part. We live for our kids. Keeping the story short, we met a beautiful younger man who we were attracted to. Nothing happened until we met him a month later. We hired him to work for our company but at the same time we have developed a relationship that is evolving emotionally each day. I never that that I could love two people at the same time nor did I ever that I would be in a trinogamous relationship. I can't say that it is based on is great and this relationship allowed my husband and I to revive our sex life. But it is the intimacy and the emotional bond that we are all developing. It's amazing but there definitely are some growing pains. We are all going to "trouples" therapy which has been helpful...we are serious about making this work. We are all living together.

I do need some advice...I am by nature a jealous fear is being left husband also admitted to that too. We do a lot of talking...acknowledging each others feelings....we always consider the other person's feelings. I would love to know how people deal with the jealousy aspect of this relationship?

This is an amazing experience though..
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