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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Rory and Mya, I have to say that I think you two are a pair of cool, thoughtful, eloquent, and together chicks.
Thank you, that's really nice to hear.

Originally Posted by rory View Post
Alec went out with some people he's getting to know here, and apparently one of them asked why I and Mya didn't join them, so he told him what the deal was. I was glad to hear that. The guy may or may not become a close friend, but I'm glad that he's becoming comfortable enough to talk about the situation to some people.
I was so happy and proud of Alec when he told us this! I'm really glad that he's started to tell people about the situation.

...which brings us to me telling people. I've told about rory to everyone who matters in my life, except my dad and his wife. I'm the worst liar in the world so this is getting more and more difficult for me. Dad and his wife visited me and JJ a few days before I came here. I said nothing about the trip. Today he called me. And for some reason () he asked if I was in my home country. I couldn't lie so I told him no. He asked where I was. I told him the country, which again was no lie. The good part in this is that he knows I visit my friends in this country anyway. Then he asked why I was here and that's when I lied and told him I'm meeting my friends. He sounded a bit baffled by that because I just was here few weeks ago (and he knew that) and I guess it's not very normal to visit your friends in a different country every month, is it? He is getting suspicious, I can tell. I have to tell him soon. I hate lying and I even get physical symptoms from it, like stomach ache etc. I was an easy kid and a teenager, since I could never lie to my mom or anybody else close to me. She could tell right away if I did so I stopped trying quite early.
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