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Originally Posted by mennodaughter View Post
Regardless of where your relationship is headed, a pregnant woman feels a tremendous need to retreat and have very tight support from A person, not a lot of people.
This is a generalization, and I have not found it to be true in my own pregnancy. I have had wonderful bonding experiences with my husband. Being pregnant with his child is a special time in our relationship. Still, I have also happily maintained things with my secondary man while pregnant.

YMMV with pregnant women, is what I'm saying. I'm reluctant to "blame" her pulling away from you on her pregnancy.

I will agree, however, that it would be harder to snuggle with two people in bed while hugely pregnant! I am at that point where I sort of wedge myself in at night with pillows and try to tough it out until I have to get up again to go to the bathroom. Ugh.
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