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No one has complained about someone failing to put a blank line between paragraphs. They've politely and respectfully requested that some people use the "enter" key to break up the text into readable paragraphs.

I think banning someone for making that request would be ridiculous. While it's great when people can be compassionate, supportive, and helpful... lack of those qualities is not a reason to ban someone. Now, if someone were to say for example "use your fucking enter key you moron. How the hell are we supposed to answer your stupid question when it's all one big paragraph" then that would be rude and disrespectful and definitely a reason to get banned. But I have never seen something even remotely close to that, and I wager you have not either.

But saying something like "I would like to help you, but I'm unable to read your question without any paragraph breaks" is not at all unreasonable.

It's not so much akin to saying your fly is down. It's more like, whensomeoneispanickingandthey'retalkingreallyreall yfastwithnowordbreaksandyoucan'ttellwhatthey'resay ingsoyouaskthemtotakeadeepbreathandpleaseslowdowns oyoucanunderstandwhatthey'resayingandtrytohelpthem .

Incidentally, just moving on if you can't read it doesn't help anyone. A lot of people with a tons of experience and good advice would be moving on, and then the person will feel ignored. To use your analogy, that's like when someone pours out their heart and soul with a big problem they're having, and you just turn around and walk away. They can see how many people viewed the topic, and it can be just as hurtful to see "25 views, 0 replies." At least a request to put in some paragraph breaks shows that someone is trying to help you, but they're not in a position to do so until they can understand what you're trying to say.

I have walked into topics after someone has made a paragraph request, and noticed that the OP is now broken up into paragraphs. I also cannot read walls of text, and so those topics would probably have been ignored by me. But since someone took the time to make that request, and the OP went back and made that small fix, I was then able to read it and offer my advice. So those requests made it possible for that OP to get lots more feedback from people who would have otherwise just ignored them.
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