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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
Ahhh, I love a good makeout session. I think sometimes couples that are used to just fucking don't make out enough. It's romantic.
I love making out. I thinks it's really romantic, and sometimes the buildup and then not doing anything other than that really excites me. My fiance hates it though. He says there's no point in making out if we aren't going to have sex because it's just a tease. I think that's silly. Teasing is fun!

This thread is really interesting, because a similar conversation happened recently between my fiance, me, and a close friend. I spent the day last month with our boyfriend and my fiance's only thing was that we were not to have "sex". My definition of "sex" with a man is penis in the vagina. (I have had f-f relationships before so the definition changes depending on the gender!) So I consider everything else (making out, handjobs, blow jobs, oral, anal, etc) to be foreplay or sexual activities that aren't actual sex. He considers sex anything that isn't making out. Since our definitions didn't match up he was a little upset when I told him what happened, but realized that I didn't cross any lines intentionally, we just weren't on the same page definition wise.
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