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Default Should I tell my wife?

I am new here, having read a load of posts I have decided I should prob seek your advice before doing anything I might regret.
I have been married to my amazing wife (Z) for over 10 years now and have been truthful and honest to her all the way. We have a 3yo child and one on the way
I have always felt that it is possible to love more than one person and have been in the past, my wife has never been into the idea, we have discussed my desires before, when I fell in love with a girl at work (A). I told my wife about her then but as she was not up for a 3 way relationship I decided to respect this and not persue my relationship with the other (that was very hard). I had also been honest with A - she knew I was interested but wanted to stay with my wife and would not entertain an affare. Once she even said she would be up for joining a 3 way relationship, but Z wasn't interested.

Recently I have been back in touch with A and it has made me realise I still have deep feelings for her.

I am having trouble deciding if I should avoid contact with A, suppress my feelings and continue with my mono relationship with Z. Or should I tell my wife what is going on inside my head and risk causing problems.

This dilemma is hurting my head, on the one hand I love my wife and don't want to risk our solid relationship by bringing the poly subject back up (especially given she is pregnant). On the other hand by not talking about it I am kinda being dishonest.

Thanks for reading and I greatly apreciate any advice.

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