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Wow, nycindie, thank you so much. Your words made me feel really good, and I'm also happy to hear you think that, because I have a high admiration of your independent and yet loving approach to relationships.


Mya's now been here for a bit over two days. Last time she visited there were quite many emotions for all of us, particularly early in the week when she had just come here. This time it's been less emotional and more stable and relaxed. That's good, mind you. I'm not completely rid of the feelings of anxiety that rise in regards to both Alec and Mya being happy all the time, but the feelings have only come up maybe once a day for a short while. I've been able to let go of the anxious feelings pretty well when they come, so it hasn't been so tiring.

Me and Mya went to check out a gay bar yesterday! I haven't really been anywhere here, even though I've lived here for over a year now. All the gay venues are in the city centre, and it's just too much effort to go if I don't have anybody to go with (I don't have friends here yet and Alec doesn't enjoy going to gay bars). It was really fun! I'm thinking we'll make it a goal to always go somewhere gay when she's visiting here. Alec went out with some people he's getting to know here, and apparently one of them asked why I and Mya didn't join them, so he told him what the deal was. I was glad to hear that. The guy may or may not become a close friend, but I'm glad that he's becoming comfortable enough to talk about the situation to some people. His friends or family don't know yet, and I think it's good that he waits until he's ready to come out, there's no hurry. However, it would be good for him to have somebody to talk to besides me. Still, I do think he's going to have a lot of explaining to his closest people about poly (and, well, most of them don't know I'm bi, either), so I get why he would want to wait a bit, and he'll be in a better position to explain once it doesn't feel so strange to him (the strangeness factor is clearly decreasing all the time).

Today we're going to just hang out at home, and we have some really good food. So eating, playing games, and watching a movie (+ some internet time, as you can see) are in the plans for today. Tomorrow we'll make a trip together, since we now have the car and so can drive somewhere. I'm not too happy about all the costs having a car brings, but Alec needed it for commuting, and I have to admit it is fun to be able to just go and explore our surroundings!
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