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Hmm, "cutting your losses" to avoid any confrontation... seems like it should be easier than discussing the issues that bother you. Yet, even taking the supposedly easy way out is difficult for you. This is a good indicator of an area you might want to work on and hone your skills in your relationships (basically -- communicating). Why not use this as an opportunity to push those boundaries of yours and actually talk to her about the things that have bothered you? It doesn't have to be a confrontation, it can just be a conversation, or a request. You never know - she might also be uncomfortable with feeling like she is a taker, but doesn't know how to offer.

But if you really feel like you've let things slide too long and the only way out of the situation you created (by not speaking up) is to break it off, then I think simple and straightforward is the way to go. You don't need to go into a litany of problems just to tell someone you don't feel it's working for you anymore. Break-ups suck no matter how gentle, and so all you can do is be as nice and respectful as you can.
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