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Default need advice

F's girl toy -T is staying the night tomorrow. She said she wants to spend the evening with me. I'm not sure how I feel about it. I don't know what her motives are and I don't trust that she would be truthful about them if I asked.

Its possible that she just wants to hang, since she asked me, not F, if she could come over. But I think she is interested in me, though Im not sure if its me or the fact that F and I are lovers. If its just a threesome that she wants or if she wants more.

I hate not knowing, but I dont know how to bring it up either. We were friends but not close before they started sleeping together. and I dont do well with girls.

How do I handle this, how do i bring it up with her, since Ive only had one serious conversation with her and it was to talk to her about how i couldnt handle her and F having a relationship right now.

Ive been thinking about that, and I need to get over it, its my own insecurity that is putting that block up. Im working on it.
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