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I agree. I find it hard to keep attention when reading huge walls of things as a lot of people, but it is no reason to make them feel unwelcomed. I don't think it should be in any guidelines on how you should write. I, myself, am not exactly great at writing. If people are that bothered by it, just move along. Any abuse of people over their writing should result in being banned for a short time. Or at least a warning that they could be banned if it happens again.

As a bit of advice to those wanting to write a lot, that you in no way have to follow at all, but try to make your first post concise and to the point. "This is who I am, this is what I want you to answer for me."
It helps people know right away what the thread will be about and allow them to ask more questions if needed. At which point, you can then write all the details you wanted to make the point more clear. Just a suggestion, of course. =]
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