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Default Lack Of Paragraph Breaks.

I`m not exactly sure how to word this, but there seems to be a trend of someone posting for the first time, and someone else ignoring the question but scolding them on not having proper paragraphs.
Many people come here hurt, and looking for people to talk to. Many times they have no one in their own life to discuss such personal, poly matters with.

Scolding them on their writing, (in the first post of a 'confession') is the equivalent of someone talking to you about a personal, (usually emotional) issue in real life, waiting for a comment, and you only tell them their fly is running low.

While I understand it being hard to read a 'wall of text' or a odd font, it might be nice to show a bit of tact and compassion. Slip the request into the response or conversation.
Or, if it is such a big issue to so many people, then put it in the guidelines. Then there is no excuse if they don`t read the guidelines first.
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