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Originally Posted by SanguineSquirrel View Post
Which also kind of sucks because it means we’ve never had makeup sex. But that’s beside the point.
Seriously over rated anyway. OK, maybe just for me. Husband and I have tried the make up sex and I can't do it. Unless sex 3 days post argument counts. I can cuddle and touch, but my body just doesn't welcome sex after a heated argument. My brain must be still processing everything and sometimes finds it hard to get past all the angry "not-so nice" things that were said. The logical side of my brain says things are good now, but the other half is apparently pouting in the corner, refusing to participate.

So, what's my point? If after 20 years, you have never really had make-up sex, don't be too disappointed or upset if it just doesn't work for the two of you.

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