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I am finding poly groups in NYC to be too much enmeshed with the BDSM crowd, and so the get-togethers are full of kinksters. I find myself wishing they would promote the group in more mainstream, straight circles, so that poly isn't still such a fringe community here. I do want to meet other people, and possibly for dating, but I don't need that overtly sexual focus. I don't want to meet people for whom kinky sex is so freaking important that it's how they present themselves to the world, to the exclusion of other traits. I'd rather develop camaraderie with someone over other things.

I like what Zyla said, though, too. Like why should having multiple partners be the thing that connects people, rather than other interests? And maybe that's why the poly groups are overrun by kinky folk here. I might go to the holiday party and check out a discussion if it's on something other than sex, but I may just stop going to the poly events here after that.

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Philadelphia has ... a lot of poly-folk running around in the party/edm scene.
What is EDM?
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