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Originally Posted by SchrodingersCat View Post
Something about the notion of "re-educating a partner" sits wrong with me.

Perhaps it's because I grew up in a very open family, where I never felt like my opinions were bad, and I was allowed to come up with my own views of the world...
That's really cool, Cat. You're a lucky gril!

but if someone were to try and "re-educate" me on sex, I would feel offended. Somehow, that makes it sound like my views are "wrong."
Dunno what happened to the OP, but maybe she didnt really mean "re-educate," but just share views and get more on the same page.

When I say the word "sex" I'm usually using shorthand for coitus. That's not to devalue the ways that other people get intimate, and that's probably because I don't put "sex" up on a pedestal. So what if two lesbians can't have coitus?
Well, they can! That's what strapons are for!

Many times that I've had it, I've been unimpressed. They really aren't missing much.
God, I love a penis or toy in my vagina. Fingers are great, muff diving is lovely, but good slamming jamming fucking really gets me off. I miss it a lot when I don't get some for a while...

Everything else, I put specific qualifiers: anal sex, oral sex (cunnilingus and fellatio), fisting, fingering, humping, spanking.... These things can all be "sexual" if they turn you on. They're just not what I refer to when I use the short form "sex."
I totally respect that view, but to me, any kind of genital arousal and orgasm producing activity is sex, or at least "sexy time."

I'm not into humping or making out. I get bored.
Ahhh, I love a good makeout session. I think sometimes couples that are used to just fucking don't make out enough. It's romantic.

Edit: I can see the possibility of confusion, though, so I'm thinking I will quit using the word "sex" altogether, except when talking about whether a baby chicken is a boy chick or a girl chick.
But what if one of those chicks was transgender?
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