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I find the local kink communities are pretty poly friendly. There is an Edmonton group that aims for monthly get togethers, they post on Facebook fairly regularly. I don't feel a strong need to attend many gatherings, I have a strong connection with my friends so I don't feel the need to network as much. Many of the get togethers are 'family friendly' which doesn't interest me at all. I enjoy kids, but hanging out with poly folks can mean some fairly adult conversations so I don't feel I can be open and truly comfortable when there's kids running around. I could be assuming, but I think the poly folks with kids spoke up loudly about being able to drag their broods along. I understand that poly relationships can be difficult to schedule and must be even more so with kids in the mix. They really are a great group of people though, I would highly suggest anyone in the Edmonton area checking out the Facebook page for details on future meetings.
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