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Default Forced vacation

Sward told me yesterday that he will be home from the 7. December onwards. It has gotten really cold and freezing outside and that means that the time comes when they can't do any work anymore because of the frozen earth and ground. He will have to take the rest of his holidays and overtime hours, which will last until the beginning of January and from then onwards he will be on the dole. Uncertain if all stabilizes till then and his boss will be able to offer a job again. Not the best news but well, we will see.

On another front this means that Sward and Lin will have much time on their hands. Together. When I am not around. I see some potential for new revelations there and am really curious if this will bring some things to our attention that we still miss in our normal routine now. Sward just said to me, when I voiced my concerns, that he doesn't think that there will arose a situation like it tends to be, when two people come together for vacation and aren't able to handle being around each other without the routine of their daily life.

They got big plans for the time when Sward is at home. Want to renovate the study and living room, decorate everything for Christmas (we have never done this before because both of us where always too busy) and get things done for the family. Again, we will see how this goes.
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