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So today, I was attacked...

I've been up since 2 in the morning. It's now nearly 3 in the morning, the next day. So 25 hours I've been up.

I had a gig eariler tonight, which Cherry attended. I wasn't really expecting her to be there, but it ended up being rather good towards the end of the night.

One of the guitarists offered her a lift home with us and she lives not far from me, so I, as a gentleman, asked to escort her home. Just to make sure she got there safely. Unknown to me, that I wouldn't make it back to my own home unharmed.

I don't really know this guy. I've "met" him once. All I know about him is his first name and that he is kinda living with Victoria now. He has been hassling her all night whilst she was out, and I'm feeling that perhaps he has threatened her with something or other. He managed to take me down without me even getting in a punch, and I'm not exactly a bad fighter.
I was already on my way home when he attacked me. The pansy did have to take some shitty moves like pulling my hair. How disrespectful! When I finally managed to get onto my feet again, I ran to Cherry's house, as it was closest. He then went inside to grab a knife. At that point, another guy, much calmer and seems like a fairly nice guy, managed to keep him away. I thanked him with a handshake and then pinned myself up against a parked car. My head was spinning wild at this point, due to the head trauma this guy had already given me. When I managed to finally realise what direction I was even facing, I hobbled my way home. Battered and bruised is so many places.

My mum and Dave went down there to have words. No success, so the police have been called. Still no success. They haven't even turned up yet.

Remember how I said I have been up 25 hours? Well I now need to stay up for another day, just to make sure I haven't got a concussion. I have another gig saturday and feel I may have even less energy than today.

What a great start to my new beginning.
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