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Originally Posted by RunicWolf View Post
Fighting off depression. Being bi-polar I sometimes get deep dives into depression and it's been months since my last one, so I don't want to give into it again. BrigidsDaughter turned in her two week notice at work today because of how unprofessional her work place is. Since she was the one of us working full time, so money has been on my mind lately and worries about it are not helping with my depression.

However I will not let it win. Stiff upper lip and all that.

I love you! Sometimes the right decision to make is the hardest one. Now I just need to get as many clients as possible for my part-time job and find a second part time job or a new full time one.

I'm actually feeling relieved. After being suspended for something I didn't do, I went back to work today to discover that I'd been turned in by the site gossip monger who wasn't even there when the incident allegedly occurred; who has had it in for me since I threw a wrench in her idea of never having to ride the bus (part of our job responsibilities) and getting to leave 45 minutes early everyday, while still taking full pay. I have put up with 10 months of unprofessional behavior in the hopes that it would catapult me to a better position in the agency and away from our site. It's become clearer to me in the last few months that they were not going to follow through on their promise to give me the job I'd applied for. And now I am free to find that job myself. And I appreciate that my loves support me in my decision, as difficult as it was.
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