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I had a date last night.

There was this guy I met 7ish years ago on a swingers chat room. We flirted, we talked, we kept in touch, we had coffee once or twice. He's a cowboy, does rodeos and lives in the country. (gonna nickname him Cowboy)

Nothing happened. I never met his wife, and I wouldn't go there without meeting or talking to her.

Then I moved away.

We kept in sporadic touch. We chatted on facebook, msn occasionally.

So this week I had a conference in North Vancouver. Overnight, by myself.

He's in Vancouver - his mom's in the hospital.

And we agreed to meet. I figured, no big deal, coffee, we can chat, etc.... my intent was to email his wife before... but life got in the way and I didn't.

So he's in my hotel room, we're chatting, flirty, but harmless and nothing *I* would feel guilty about if his wife were to find out. It occurred to me.... hey! I have internet!! I'll just email her now!!

"Your husband is in my hotel room, is that ok with you? Hi btw, nice to meet you!"

The reply I got... "It depends"

Banter back and forth happens between the wife and him.

I finally found out what the 'depends' was... an iPad. He'd already bought her one - so it was really just happy marital banter... but in the end I got direct confirmation from her that yeah, it was ok and it was all good between them.

The conversations between us had always been sexual in nature, but I had a realization (before he showed up) that I really wasn't into the swinging, casual sex without a connection thing.

So we talked. About everything. And we connected. Mentally, physically, constantly touching, him massaging, getting to know each other, not wanting him to leave. He showed up at my hotel at 9pm, left at 1am. We talked, touched, and connected for 4 hours.

This morning, I was all giddy. I've been walking on air....

I had a date last night....
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