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Question Thank you both

And therein lies my issue. LF is indeed deceiving her husband. One of the reasons my wife and I wanted to enter an open marriage is the appalling deceit and cheating that broke up so many of our friends' marriages. My LF's situation is unique in that for most of their dating throughout their engagement and into the early marriage, they played with other couples, women, and men. After their child was born it fizzled, and now LF has informed him she wants to explore once again. He says he doesn't want to. But he also knows she hasn't changed her position. She goes out openly (doesn't say shes going out on a date specifically) comes home when she wishes, etc. I don't know if it is cheating so much as ignoring the elephant in the room. But I still have my issues with it.

For my wife and i, its not so much a lifestyle as it is an agreement...its not like we each have a stable of lovers to choose from when we're hard up and looking for some variety. We've simply allowed for the possibility...taken the "never" out of our vocabulary. Does that make any sense at all?
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