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There aren't any poly events around my town either. If there were, I'd like to attend because I'm new to poly and want to learn more about other people's experiences.

Originally Posted by zylya View Post
It's like, polyamory isn't an INTEREST of mine (although my forum posts might suggest otherwise!), it's just the way I am. Like, I'd go to a rugby game, or a wrestling show, or a film, or a music festival, or a gym because I'm interested in the activities. But at a poly meeting, we either talk about poly relationships (which, for me, are much better when LIVED) or we just talk generally, but just because someone is poly, it wouldn't mean that I would like them, or even be able to stand their presence. Like I'm sure there's some great people in the poly community, but just because we're both poly it doesn't mean we have anything else in common.
I totally agree with this. Being poly is like being Asian or being taller than 6'. It doesn't mean anything else in common. So, if I didn't need to talk about poly relationships, I wouldn't go to a poly event.
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