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Yes, you can love a total asshole but that doesn't stop him from being an asshole. There is love all around, it's not so precious and unattainable that you have to keep going back to give it to someone who doesn't respect nor deserve it.

I took a look at your first thread here and it seems this guy was disrespectful of you from the start. His gf wanted to meet you, and you were reluctant because poly was so new to you. You wanted time to consider it and prepare to meet her, and he told you that it wasn't a "big deal." Basically, from what you told us, he put you down for whatever you were feeling. Dismissed you. You were made to feel like shit by both him and her, and pressured to move more quickly than you were ready for. So, this seems to be a pattern that has been there a while. What could you possibly get out of being with someone who disregards your feelings, lies to you, and doesn't give a shit about your safety? He obviously does not think very much of you, or maybe women in general, I am sorry to say.
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