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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
What do you mean and age thing LR? A maturity thing in terms of communicating and knowing oneself? Or just maturity in dealing with ones stuff? That can denote a certain age sometimes I guess. Is that what you mean?
I'm not exactly sure what I mean.

I guess I'm wondering if maybe it simply takes a certain amount of time before one has a full understanding of themself, their rights, their responsibiities etc.

OBVIOUSLY there are ALWAYS exceptions to the rule. But I was thinking maybe it's an age thing in general?

I don't know. Maybe. I was kind of thinking out loud.

I was thinking about the kids (mine). They tend to be very self-centered when they are 2,3 years old, some kids through 4,5. But as they gain age they tend to start being more able to consider other people's needs/feelings.

I was thinking maybe that it takes a certain amount of time before one grasps that they don't have the innate right to demand (in terms of ultimatums I thought of this) others behave in a specific way.....
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