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Originally Posted by AnnabelMore View Post
I've been posting on my blog about feeling jealous or not jealous about my loves possibly sleeping with other friends too, as it happens. I think the thing to do, for both of us, is to look at their actions. Rory has taken big steps, had hard conversations, made herself very vulnerable, and put a lot of thought and work into having you in her life, just as Gia has for me. Love will always be a bit ineffable in the abstract, but actions speak loud and clear. Congrats on your revelation!
Thank you Annabel. That is sooo true what you just wrote! It really does come down to actions, I couldn't agree more. I appreciate someone pointing that out for me, I really do.

Actually, after today's conversation with rory and this comment of yours, I don't really care anymore whether she wants to sleep with Ally or not. I know how much I mean to her just by looking at her actions which - as you said - speak loud and clear. Back in my happy place.

Come to think about it.. The ex-boyfriend that I mentioned earlier. Looking back, I can actually tell from his actions that he didn't love me. The last straw was when I was sick and needed a ride to see a doctor, he didn't want to take me there. He had some pathetic excuse (I don't even remember it anymore, but it really wasn't a good reason) not to take me, so I had to call my mom. Yeah, that was the day I left him because I realised that's how little he cared about me.
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