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Default crazy with side of crazy


I just read this thread and your other thread about safe sex issues. I have a question for you.

Why are you involved with these people?

I realize you are not directly involved with her. She's not quite right and mean to boot. He's lying and manipulative and has broken your trust repeatedly.

Those patterns are not going to change.

I realize you've been with him for a while and love him. That's nice. But love is not enough. You also deserve respect and trust and honesty. Those are definitely not present in this relationship.

Your identity as a sub does not absolve you of the responsiblity to take care of yourself, to be the best 'you' possible.

I beg you, leave. Go find safe, sane, trustworthy partners. They are out there.

P.S. Your username is distracting! I keep thinking "HMMMMM YUMMY!!!" to myself when I read it.

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