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Sorry I couldn't play yesterday I was busy running my little company.
I looked at the signs, down with corporate greed, we are the 99%, repeal the patriot act, foreclosures suck , end the Cuban blockade. I asked direct questions of people carrying the signs and I got slogans back. I asked you who spent weeks camped in it 5-6 direct questions and I got ....some pseudo intellectual bs on government structures and a suggestion I look at the underlying cause. OK how is ending the Cuban blockade, or the patriot going to change corporate salaries or stop foreclosures. I think you're ready for political office ...your going to make a great politician .... here's another tough question, have you declared your candidacy yet. I hope you remember your poly friends once you get in office.

Are you people against all big corporations or just a select few? I saw a lot of people looking down, and playing with their gadgets big telecom, ATT, Verizon part of the hit list ...will they become targets down the road. What about the makers of those devices ... all big corporations. What about the salaries and bonuses of those corporations....Why aren't you going after pro athletes, NASCAR Drivers , TV, and movie industry people ....Why not picket Oprah, Hanks, Beckham... or Sunday afternoons set up outside football stadiums...have people do google searches on players compensation packages....."that guy is clearly not worth that" ..."quick give me a crayon" ...down with number 42 and his high priced agent. Yes fuck the Jerry Maguires of the world...leaches all of them. Now there's a target rich environment...Agents....great idea right...your welcome. All agent should be taxed at a much higher rate(%) ? ...I'll leave that up're the politician now but make it hurt. Thanks

Why not get rid of the TSA I hate all the bs at the airports? "Down with the TSA" " Down with the TSA" .....Sure people will die....but its a risk I'm willing to take and live with.
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