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She had decided to assume many things about me because he wasn't communicating the truth or sometimes anything at all to her. On the few occasions he did tell her the truth about something she didn't believe him and chose to write lies and twist stories.

She and I have not written since February, I stopped writing because it was getting to be too much with my home life, Him and adding her into the mix wasn't helping. I told him this and expected him to tell her I was having a hard time and he didn't.

6 months went by where I felt him back off with me, calling and writing less. She started posting sad comments and pictures on her page. I even wrote him and asked if she was ok, and he said yes she is fine. So I continued to try my best to connect with him.

I found her posts (under an anonymous name) when I was searching a Poly themed board for info. I was blown away. By this time they had downgraded their relationship and no longer had D/s play. She made fun of my pictures, called me names, blamed me for things that I had nothing to do with.
I did confront him about it and we had a long talk about what she said. I let it go because they are just words and it's not worth harboring bad feelings when they aren't true anyway. He did not talk to her about her postings then.

I continued to watch the thread and that's when I found out about "condom gate" (HAHAHA). He immediately wrote her and told her to stop talking about him and her and me and the things that go on between all of us online.
She then posted "Stalker Stalker" on her wall before blocking me. (But the id she used wasn't her own anyway. So blocking me made no sense) Anyway about 4 days later she writes 2 more intimate detail stories involving him and her and their sex life on there.

So obviously she has no respect for keeping his business between them. I find it funny though, she has 3 other men she sees, but she only ever posts personal sex stories that involve our mutual BF.

Ugh it's entirely so much drama and I have chosen to leave that site because I won't be pulled into it anymore.
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