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Tell him flat out. Tell him and be prepared to say sorry and walk away... at least you will have your dignity in time and your integrity.

I dated a woman once that I didn't tell I was married. We hit it off really well and I tried to kiss her at the end of the night. She said "no thanks" and we agreed to see each other again. It didn't happen. I have seen her several times while with my other partners and husband... even my child that I had not confessed to. It must of been confusing for her and I imagine I was pretty obviously not alone a few times. She never spoke to me again and I feel so ashamed.

Now she is running in a local election and her name is plastered all over the city! Ya, think about that all too often and wished I had just said something when I had a chance. The longer it has been left the more ashamed I am and the more distance occurs from saying something. I roll my eyes at the situation now. It has become almost humorous. Tragically so, but funny.

When it doubt? Be honest. That is my motto now. Lived and learnt.

This would be a good note to self: tell those you date up front.
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