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Well. I have not seen or spoken to the other guy since I left his house Thursday night. That's whole other issue. The guy will not call me, text me, contact me on FB.... nothing. He says it's not his place to contact me and he feels as though he is crossing the line by doing so. If I call him, he'll answer, if I text he'll respond but very short. He is even having issues with this and honestly I'm beginning to get turned off by the whole situation. I agree that we (hubby and I) need a break from seeing others to figure out if this is the right thing for us. As far as a poly/mono relationship.... I guess that's where I need the help. I enjoy the swinging part with my husband but I also really enjoyed the being with the friend alone. This is why I suggested the open marriage idea. I am not so sure I am ok with either of us becoming emotionally involved. So maybe I am not quite poly and still need to figure out what exactly it is I am and what I'm feeling.
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