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sour girl some of my closest friends have told me the same thing about the hormones however none of them have said not to mention them (really would have been nice to know/have fair warning last week! lol but i really should have known better anyway. i just really do hope that is forgiven and let go)

as for the discomfort while sleeping i can only guess at that one. i know when i am there she wants her space then they tell me that when i am not its different. i am guessing that is part of the nesting thing (which i didnt know about but makes complete sense now)

i feel like one of my male troops dealing with this while on deployment (and there have been alot of them over the years) meaning completely lost in alot of it but still trying to stay afloat and not let things said get to me or hurt feelings and what not. The whole thing is most def a learning curve its not easy but it is worth it especially because in a few years B is going to try and concieve as well.
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