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mennodaughter is right on the money, with her advice to you.

I`d also say there are probably a lot of partners, and traditionally male husbands, who can tell you that they go through all of this too. It is a part of the process for a big change.

Reading your post, the thought also occured to me, she is probably starting to be uncomfortable with the sleeping arrangement, as her body changes.
Not only is she looking to her primary for emotional support, but quite literally, She will be getting physically uncomfortable. Tossing, turning, with a increasing inability to get comfy as the months go on.

I`ve gone through this a few times myself , as well as providing doula support a few times as well...... some things are just pretty consistant in pregnancies, even if it doesn`t feel that way, when you are the one in the situation.

Good Luck !
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