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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post

When will you complete school and move back closer to your couple?

Is there a good reason you are talking less on the phone to them lately?

I am not sure why you need to sleep between them or sit between them on the couch when you visit. If those 2 want more cuddle time when you're there, you'd probably do well to sit or lie on one side or the other, at least some of the time. Or sit in a separate chair, sleep in a different bed sometimes.
sorry about the lack or spacing, i thought that i had originally put them in but sometimes things post a little diferently than i think then again it could have been my lack of sleep too. as for the questions

- i will finish school this spring with a 1-2 classes that i can finish online this summer. i am hoping to be able to move by/before next fall but of course that depends on employment and so forth

- the talking less (before all of this) hasnt been my decision that was BG's decision as one of her preggers aversions is talking on the phone, but for me it has spilled over into selective texting/replying as well. the talking less at the moment is part of the giving space.

- as for the sleeping/sitting thing its not a need that i have i am fine sitting off elsewhere or sleeping elsewhere. its just never been brought up or been an issue. ive just always slept in bed with them. when i move i plan on having my own place mostly becasue i do enjoy having my space as well, added to the fact that their families do not know and one has family that lives very close so...

i have apologized about the hormones thing which was one of those things that i knew i shouldnt have mentioned as soon as i did. and im really hoping that she forgives that.

i have asked them that we not make a huge decision like this right now, that we step back some where we need to and make the friendship aspect that much stronger (to fill BG's wish) and see what happens after the baby is born. since its a break and not a break up i guess that is what we are doing.

i have never expected that the relationship would stay the same becasue i know there is really no way for that, in fact the change is one thing that i am most excited about. and while i wanted a girl luckily its a boy and i know exactly how to interact/handle boys (my ex's son just turned 16 i raised him from 7 and my nephew)

i have told them both that i am in this relationship because i want to be and becasue i love them dearly. not because they want me there, and not because im being strung along.

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