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Default New Here and to Poly!

My husband and I have decided to venture down this road together after deliberating and weighing the pro's and con's of opening our relationship up. Though I have always been a poly it wasn't something I forced or pushed, I told my husband when we were dating I'd love to settle down with like 2-3 other people and have a family unit.

A tad bit of background: We have been married nearly 7 years and have two kiddos. I am openly bi-sexual and most of my family knows it since my husband was my first boyfriend. My husband thought he was straight for a while and then we decided to have a threesome a couple of years back and turned out he liked it a lot. So he is fairly certain that he is bi-sexual as well.

So the game plan for now that we read a few books and are ready to take the next step is just making friends in the poly-community. We have made a few and it was suggested to sign up on OK Cupid, which is interesting to say the least. I have talked to a few different people in the poly community from there and it is nice. It is really exciting seeing my husband get nervous when cute boys message him, since I don't get to see him nervous often.

So Hi and any advice is welcome and appreciated!
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