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Well I picked up the phone finally and told her that we won't be speaking anymore. I'm going to have to stay strong and stand by that. It hurts me, but what was said here struck a chord with me. If she was really concerned for me, she wouldn't keep intentionally targeting the people I love.
I'm learning that although I am generally an independent person I have a codependent relationship with her. I've never been romantically involved with her, yet I am freaking out wondering how I am going to manage without her. I had no idea I was so needy.
I'll definitely be going to see a counselor.
I also talked to my husband. I'm seeing a counselor for ME- not for us- and I explained that to him.
I'm confused about whether or not I should divorce him, but I think I need more time to clear my head. I've told him to stay away from me for now... that does not include staying away from our daughter. That would be unfair to her.
He cried and said he wanted to go to counseling with me. I just don't feel that it would fix anything. I told him I need counseling and only he can know what he needs, but I have no intention of finding a Band-Aid for him to stick on this.
I feel that he has deeper issues, but I don't want to be that woman with her head in the sand. I'm not going to make excuses for him.
I told him: "One day when your actions match your words and you show your love as much as you profess it I may re-examine our relationship. If that day doesn't come, at least I will know I did the right thing."
Thank you all for your advice as I truly appreciate it.
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